Motorcycle Detailing in Los Angeles

Whether you’re selling your bike or just want it to look its best and keep its value, detailing a motorcycle is just as important. The vast majority of detailing processes we use on cars can be utilized – or at least adapted – for any motorbike. So, just like any car, they can be washed, decontaminated, enhanced, polished, or protected, and then maintained through any season. The key here is simply to use caution and good judgment throughout each key process.

Level 1 $99.99
Cleaned and degreased tires and wheel, cleaned mirrors and windshield, exterior wash, hand dry, spray wax , and leather and vinyl cleaning

Level 2 $199.99
Completed exterior wash, hand dry with microfiber towels, clay bar treatment, high-quality wax, clean and dressed plastics, leather, and vinyl, tires and wheels cleaned and degreased, windshield, chrome polishing, and metal


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